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Examples of 2D-3D Conversion Categories

The process of conversion of faces and objects from 2D to 3D in your photos is mostly manual. This process takes several hours or days depending on the complexity of the photo. The resulting depth-map then defines a depth for each point in the photo. Surface and color information on the sides or behind objects is not present or used for the relief.

Bumpy Photo 2D-3D Conversion


The example photos below show the category an image belongs to in our 2D-to-3D conversion pricing scheme.

The cost increases with the number of people, if it's just their faces, their upper-torsos or their full bodies or if any pets or complex objects are present. Please select the option in the drop-down box appropriate for your photo.

If you are still unclear about which category your photo fits, then please contact us or pick the closest one from our list and we will contact you if there's a mismatch.

1x Person (Head or Bust only)        
2x Persons (Head or Bust only)        
4x Persons (Head or Bust only)        
1x Person (Full Body)        
2x Persons (Full Body)        
3x Persons (Full Body)        
4x Persons (Full Body)        
6x Persons (Full Body)        
1x Animal (Full Body)        
2x Animals (Full Body)        
1x Vehicle        
1x Building        
1x Other