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Spoofing Facial Recognition with 3D Masks

Spoofing Facial Recognition with 3D Masks

Mar 4th 2014

ThatsMyFace 3D-printed lifemasks, wearable masks and 3D papercrafts, which can be generated from just one frontal photo of a person, can be used to fool a facial recognition system. Other biometric security systems such as fingerprint readers have been spoofed by various primitive methods, so the Idiap Laboratory at EPFL decided to use our masks to see if advanced facial recognition systems could be subverted. It appears this is the case, even when depth information from the Kinect is included. The paper details their experiment. Their face database is also available.

Idiap Masks used to spoof facial recognition system

Leonardo Selvaggio also plays on this theme for his UR ME interactive and sculptural installation which uses a ThatsMyFace mask of Leonardo as a defense technology against surveillance.

Thesis Work In Progress from Leo Selvaggio on Vimeo.